Thursday, August 28, 2014

A little shorty. A little inspiration.

Uh oh.  I can already feel myself falling behind on these posts.  And that is no good. The past week has been crazy. So busy.  Well... not really (I've been laying by the pool and eating a good amount), but I need some excuse for my laziness.  It feels like things are just starting to speed up again, which leaves this poor blog in the dust.  I just started it.  Dang Corinne, get your act together.

I think I always hold myself to some ridiculous standard when it comes to blogging, where I expect to write a long narrative posts 3-4 times a week.  Which I think might be a little unrealistic.  Don't get me wrong.  I love writing.  There is something about writing that is so relaxing and fun, but it's only that way when there's no deadline looming over your head.  And hey, this is my blog so I am gonna write at my own pace.  At least once a week.  Also I absolutely love writing longer pieces, but when I'm running short on content cough ridiculous stories of my pure humiliation, I need something a bit simpler.  The blog is really in its' infant stage, aka I'm still working out the little speed bumps that seem to slow down my blogmobile. That was so cheesy.  But also kind of clever I must say... maybe less cheesy puns Corinne.  Or more simple posts, based on anything: lifestyle, fashion, decor, food, etc. what is inspiring me, in general.

And I hope to find a little more inspiration as my life moves. And it's moving quick, I move up north in the next few days (internal panic begins).  But through all this craziness,  I vow to make time for this little baby, whether the posts get shorter or not, this post is a little shorty itself.  You will not be forgotten, this is starting to sound like a script for a Rom Com.  Instead of going down that route, I leave you with this little bit of script (by one of my career role models, Grace Coddington--Creative Director at Vogue, said with such grace and influence of course).  These words will inspire me, increase my passion and excitement for life, and most of all push me to always be curious: open to learning-- because things are changing. And  I am so excited for all these changes coming up. Here I come: new job, new life, eyes wide open. Ah, this is going to be fun.

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