Friday, September 19, 2014

No nope never nope.

Wah. Wah. I understand that’s the noise babies make when they are upset.  And although I am not a baby, ahh but sometimes I relate (like babies honestly have the life, they don’t do anything except sleep and eat), I feel that ‘wah’ is the appropriate word for this.  I am upset, I mean mostly with myself.  Let’s be real, it’s completely with myself.  I broke my promise to this blog.  And it’s been….GASP, 3 WEEKS.  Geez, that’s bad.  I have decided the only way this is going to work is for me to keep these posts short, fun, fresh thoughts.  Because otherwise no nope nah, Corinne isn’t going to write.  But hey if I’m feeling inspired and up to it, I’ll write my usual short story.  But for now, I won’t kid myself, that ain’t happening.

So I recently started working, like a big girl. Or I guess like an adult, because I am an adult technically.  I feel like I am a kid still.  Anyways it's different.  Fun.  I like it.  I do better with routines.  Without that purpose, that reason to get out of my yoga pants, I will sit in bed for hours (maybe days) and watch Game of Thrones, or convince myself I have a life threatening disease because shocker I have a head ache.  In other words, productive Corinne is a happier Corinne.  What have I learned from working.  I know very little about design.  I know very little about technology.  And I know very little about D.C.  Everyone has their own opinion about D.C., where to go, what to order, what’s going on.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  But exciting.  There seems to be a festival every weekend.  I like festivals, I like food and drink which seems to be present at all festivals.  The word festival just sounds fun.

AH but what are the plans for this weekend? My girls are finally coming up to see me YAYZ! But explore Bethesda and then D.C., let’s hope I start to form my own opinion on the city, because all I can think about these days is brunch.  Which D.C. is known for, so I guess I’m set for now.

I kind of want each post to have a matching song, to set the mood (cue candles and rose pedals), but really.  I think it’d be cool to listen to while reading.

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