Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pause and Fast-Forward.

So. Big news for this girl.  And I mean like huge. massive.  THE BIGGEST NEWS EVER.  After applying to what feels like a million, trillion places, and my countless failed interviews, I finally got it right.  I finally, finally got a job! It doesn't even feel real.  I think after two months at my parents house, moving into the third month, I came to the conclusion that Corinne it's time to be realistic, you may not find a job in the next few months, it's a valid possibility that you will have to live at home for a little while.  And that was a difficult conclusion to come to, because I never thought it was something I would have to face.

After forcing myself to face that conclusion, I was down in the dumps (what a terrible saying, it sounds so gross).  I knew that eventually I would find a job, but I am a naturally impatient girl.  My mom always says, "Corinne, you always put the cart before the horse." Which isn't all that true because I would never be near a horse anyways because I find them unpredictable and scary.  But putting my smart ass comment aside, yes, my mother is probably right.  I do plan things before they happen.  But I can't help it, planning my life out-where to live, which bars I want to go to, furniture and theme for my non-existent apartment (all white with an eclectic vintage vibe)- planning all of this out was so fun, and it kept me motivated.  It kept me reaching towards that lifestyle filled with brunch, independence and paychecks.  But, there's only so many interviews that go wrong, before you start to think, what the hell am I doing wrong?  It became a challenge to stay focused on that end goal. My motivation slowly dwindling, I kept applying to jobs, slowly but surely (my pace drastically different than in the beginning of the summer).

BUT---and I'm so happy to be saying this: it has finally paid off.  All the hard work: the countless applications, stresses of interviewing, stresses of not nailing the interview, stresses of driving in the city, stresses that the fact my graduation money was slowly but surely running out; those stresses are no more! And all my hard work, (cough and my 4 years of college cough), finally showed some tangible result.  I am employed aka a real life grown up!  It feels like such a turn around from a few weeks ago, when I was in that 'I'm going to die the cat lady that's unemployed' phase (yes, I know that's dramatic, but if you know me, I am a bit on the dramatic side).

Now that's it's finally here, I officially start September 2nd, I am nervous.  A really great nervous.  An excited and happy nervous.  Because my life is really starting to begin. It's not in pause anymore, actually the past few days feel like fast-forward.  Aside from my cheesy VCR analogy, I really am surprised it all happened so quickly.  But I know I am going do fine; or at least that what I keep telling myself to calm those nerves.  This is a crazy fast new beginning and I am so excited to start.

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